Studio Cake Smashing

by | Jul 25, 2019

Oooookay. We’ve all heard of cake smashes and seen the adorable photos that can come out of them… and maybe you’ve even dreamed of doing an adult version yourself. [I see nothing wrong with this and would totally join you of course]

But y’all. The following photos from Engaged Creative Melissa McElrath Photography are BLOWING.OUR.MINDS. with the cuteness. With a Starbucks theme, the cutest outfits and extremely helpful employees, this cake smash in our studio may be one of our favorite shoots. Ever. And we’ve seen some great ones.

Don’t believe me? Keep scrolling… they started out in a local Starbucks (*shoutout Charlotte street Starbucks*) and finished up at our Studio, and we’re showing you everything!

From Melissa:

you guys…

I literally have no words to describe the happiness that this photoshoot gives me. So, before you keep scrolling please mentally prepare yourself for the cuteness overload that you are about to experience because chances are you are not prepared 😉

we started our afternoon at starbucks on charlotte street. The employees were literally the best, and made the girls honorary employees with name tags and an apron. You should have heard the giggles from some of the customers that came through.

Cake: 828 Sweet Events

Jewelry: Wrenley Bird Designs

Starbucks Outfit: Ritzy Baby {its actually a bathing suit which worked out perfect for this!}

Nail Polish: Piggy Paint

Zuri’s Coffee Shirt: Dinglehopper Clothing

Shoes: GirliesGalore

We’re just getting started….

LOVE LOVE LOVE the following series shot in our studio!! Mila is the absolute sweetest and her cake smashing did NOT disappoint! 

We weren’t lying about the adorableness… feeling inspired to host your own event? Get more info on renting our gorgeous Asheville studio!

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