In the Studio: Hand-Lettering Workshop

by | Apr 10, 2018

 Did you know the Engaged space is used for all different kinds of events?
We’ve featured several over the past couple of blog posts from unicorn parties to 21st birthday celebrations. This week we’re giving you a quick glimpse of a calligraphy workshop hosted by our very own Creative Team MemberJoy Unscripted!

The white walls and easy to move furniture make Engaged the perfect spot for hosting a variety of events! I love having my workshops here because of the space, great natural light and access to a bathroom and kitchen!


The Workshop

From Bethany – I decided for 2018 that I would aim to host a workshop each quarter! Topics range from beginner hand lettering or pointed pen, to chalkboard lettering and envelope addressing! Having held a couple private lessons (yes, I offer individual or private small group options also) in the beginning of the year, I figured the end of March would be a good time for a Intro to Hand Lettering Workshop!

If you follow my Instagram, then you know back in December I held a joint workshop with Bethany Joy Art, but a snowstorm hit Asheville causing several registered attendees to be unable to make it. The new announced date worked for those people also, so with 8 NEW registrants, this March workshop was my biggest class yet with 16 people attending!

This intro to hand-lettering workshop focused on the 9 Basic Strokes and then moved into letter formation.

All attendees receive:

  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen
  • Tomabow Fudenosuke
  • 32 Page Workbook

The workbook strives to explain the importance of treating hand-lettering and calligraphy like an art form, rather than WRITING. It’s easy to think we should be able to pick up the skill easily because we’ve been writing since age 5, but that’s just not true! It’s a learned and practiced skill just like anything else and takes time and dedication!

My custom workbook includes an intro to my favorite materials, tips for practicing, getting started tips and a full alphabet breakdown!

Although the workbook is for sale in my shop, the workshop itself is for those wishing to get more hands-on instruction and demonstration! Reading and watching videos is a great way to learn, but nothing beats seeing someone actually do it in person!

Special thanks to Kathy Beaver Photography, Dogwood Designs Bakery, and Blooms on Tap!!

Kathy took the gorgeous photos seen in this blog post and on my website. Heidi of Dogwood provided delicious Banana Creme cupcakes for everyone. And Blooms on Tap created the flower centerpieces!

I had a great time with everyone who attended the workshop and can’t wait to schedule another one!